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Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes - Play Groups

Want your doggie to play with other doggies whilst being able to listen to you?
Come to our doggie play group - teaching manners!  Dog training using play!


  • Your puppy or dog will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs in a safe and controlled environment
  • Your dog will learn to focus on you whilst in the present of other dogs
  • You will learn to read the body language of other dogs 
  • Full supervision by our highly experienced and qualified trainers

We believe that it is unsafe and potentially dangerous for dogs and puppies to play at off-leash dog parks and dog beaches. Physical and psychological damage can occur to your dog from other dogs that may bully, harass or try to fight your dog. 

That’s why we have provided a safe alternative.

In this course, you will learn how to read a dog's body language and how dogs play, as well as gain some valuable knowledge on how to keep your dog safe around other dogs in a social environment. The dogs will be both on and off leash and there will be breaks throughout the class for dogs to rest and learn to settle. 

* Please note: this course is not suitable for dog's who have shown reactive or aggressive behaviour towards other dogs.  Please contact us if your dog has displayed these behavours. 


Dates for 2018 are coming soon.  Stay tuned!

See dates above for Play Group classes

Sniffer Dog Training Classes

'Sniffer Dog' is a dog training class run in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie that involves your dog using their nose to find treats hidden in boxes. As your dog gains confidence they progress to finding treats in a room filled with boxes, before eventually moving onto the real challenge – detecting odours!

Who can do this class?

  • Dogs of all ages including puppies, young dogs or old dogs
  • Anxious, shy or nervous dogs
  • Dogs who lunge or bark (reactive behaviours) towards other dogs or people
  • Blind or deaf dogs
  • Arthritic dogs
  • Dogs restricted from doing other sports due to injuries
  • Dogs with disabilities


  • Sniffer Dog Training really works a dog’s brain hard
  • Keeps your dog’s mind active, whatever their age
  • No prior training or obedience behaviours needed
  • Good for reactive dogs as each dog will not come into contact with other dogs
  • Builds confidence of shy, nervous or timid dogs
  • Strengthens the bond between owner and dog



Dates for 2018 are coming soon.  Stay tuned.

Please see above dates for Sniffer Dog Classes

Agility Dog Training Classes

This is a class where fun is the name of the game.  You and your dog make your way through our challenging obstacle course!  This really is a team effort – dog and owner working together to correctly manoeuvre through the course. Can you and your dog make it to the end in record time? 



  • It’s fun for you and your dog
  • Great for your dog’s fitness
  • Allows your dog to problem solve
  • Teaches your dog body awareness
  • Provides a unique bonding experience for you and your dog as you work to navigate the course together


Dates for 2018 are coming soon.

* Please note: this course has a combination of agility equipment as well as some fun obstacles to work through.  This is a fun class for the owner and their dog.  It is not a class for competition agility although you may want to start your dog with us for some fun and move onto competition later on.

Please see above dates for Agility/Obstacle classes
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