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Public Access Test

Dogs such as physical or psychiatric assistance dogs that enter public spaces, services and transport need to be stable, well-behaved and not a nuisance to the public. They are therefore required to take a Public Access Test to prove that they are under your control and appropriately trained.

Do you require your physical or psychiatric assistance dog to undertake the Public Access Test?  We can help by providing our dog training services to help your dog pass this test.  We service the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas.

We can also assess your physical or psychiatric dog for a Public Access Test.
Public Access Tests are required to be done on an annual basis.


PLEASE NOTE:   Prior to undertaking a Public Access Test we will need to have a consultation with you and your dog to assess whether your dog is suitable to be an assistance dog.  Some dogs are not suitable to be assistance dogs (see our assistance dog page for more information).  This consultation is 1-hour in duration and cost is $100 if you are employed or have funding by the NDIS.  If you are a pensioner or unemployed, cost of this consultation is $90.  

$250      Public Access Test (for employed or funded assistance dog with NDIS etc)

$220      Public Access Test (for unemployed, student, pensioner)

This includes an ID card and documentation.  Vest is owner's responsibility to purchase.

For more information on registering your dog as an psychiatric assistance dog please visit


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