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Menacing and Dangerous Dogs

Behavioural Assessments (Temperament Testing) for Menacing or Dangerous Dogs

If you have received a Notice of Intention to Declare a Menacing or Dangerous Dog from your local council and would like a behavioural assessment (temperament test) conducted on your dog, please call us as soon as you receive the Notice of Intention.

If your dog has already been declared a menacing or dangerous dog and you would like to apply to your council to revoke this declaration, we can conduct a behavioural assessment to include in your application.  

What you should know?

It is important that you have read and understand the legislation for 'Dangerous', 'Menacing' and 'Restricted' dogs. 

We suggest you download the legislation for Companion Animals Act 1998 and the Companion Animals Regulations 2008.  This legislation gives definitions for 'Dangerous', 'Menancing' and 'Restricted' dogs and outlines the process for revoking the declaration and your responsiblities as an owner of a 'Dangerous', 'Menacing' or 'Restricted' dog.

Many owners believe their dog should not be declared because they love their dog and their dog "is a good dog".  This is not enough to object or appeal a declaration.  It is important to understand the legislation and the process of appeal.


The process of getting a behavioural assessment/temperament test

1.  Please contact us as soon as possible so we can take your details and send you a questionnaire to complete

2.  Once you have completed the questionnaire, please e-mail it back to us 

3.  We will then make a time to conduct the behavioural assessment.  Please note, this is done from our home office in Adamstown, NSW.  We will observe your dog in your presence but the majority of the assessment is done in your absence.

4.  Once the behavioural assessment (temperament test) is completed, we will provide you with a report within 7 days.  The report is suitable for submission to a court if required.  

5.  If you have hired a solicitor, it is important you advise your solicitor that you are seeking to obtain a behavioural assessment/temperament test.   

Cost of a behavioural assessment/temperament test

$500 per dog    (Includes the assessment and a full report)

Please note:  if we are called to give evidence in court, there is also an additional cost for court appearances.

Location of the assessment/test

We conduct assessments from our premises in Adamstown but we service clients who come to us from all over the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter, Mid North Coast, Central Coast and Sydney Regions.

(This is general information only: please be aware an application to revoke a declaration cannot be made until after the period of 12 months following the date on which the dog was declared to be a dangerous dog or a menacing dog.  For further information, please contact your local council.) 

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