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Social Agility / Obstacle Course

This is a class where fun is the name of the game.  You and your dog make your way through our challenging obstacle course!  This really is a team effort – dog and owner working together to correctly manoeuvre through the course. Can you and your dog make it to the end in record time? 



  • It’s fun for you and your dog
  • Great for your dog’s fitness
  • Allows your dog to problem solve
  • Teaches your dog body awareness
  • Provides a unique bonding experience for you and your dog as you work to navigate the course together


TIME:                    Approx 45 minutes
COST:                   $135 for 4 sessions
VENUE:                Adamstown Public School

DATES:               Sat 04 Nov 2017 at 9:30 am (4 week course once per week)

                            To register, please fill out our 
registration form and e-mail back to us at

* Please note: this course has a combination of agility equipment as well as some fun obstacles to work through.  This is a fun class for the owner and their dog.  It is not a class for competition agility although you may want to start your dog with us for some fun and move onto competition later on.

Please see above dates for Agility/Obstacle classes
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