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Greenhound Assessments for Greyhounds

Our founder, Eve McKenzie is the only qualified Greenhound assessor in lower northern NSW (from Grafton to Central Coast) that conducts Greenhound assessments for Greyhounds (pet and retired racing).

Greyhounds who have passed the assessment taken at Dogaholics, do not have to wear a muzzle in public places (whilst under the effective control of the owner) and can obtain their Green Collar.

If you have a pet or retired racing Greyhound and would like to undertake the assessment for muzzle exemption, call us today.  

* Please be aware that you will need to have completed the 6 week in-home re-training program prior to booking your assessment with us. To register for this, visit Greenhounds on

COST:               $150 for assessment *

Our Greenhound assessments are conducted at our premises in Adamstown, NSW.  However, we have had Greyhounds and their owners travelling from Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Central Coast, Cessnock, Port Stephens, Maitland and as far as Mid North Coast to undertake their Greenhound assessment and obtain their Green Collar.

* Please note, there is an additional charge for the Green Collar which is payable directly to Greenhounds NSW.  

For further information on the Greenhound program visit

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