About Us

About Us

Welcome to Dogaholics!

My name is Eve and I am so honoured to be the founder of Dogaholics.  Getting to work with dogs and their owners every day is a privilege, and I’m delighted you’re thinking of bringing your four-legged friend along to meet us!

We are a dog training and behaviour service, covering the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas of NSW. We also do cats!

At Dogaholics we have a deep love and respect for animals.  We treat animals with kindness, rather than force so we can bring out the very best in our pets.

My own career as a dog behavioural trainer in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area started when I was just 6. I saved up all my pocket money and bought a mouse from the local pet store, convinced I was going to teach him all sorts of tricks.

OK, so that one didn’t turn out too well (the mouse ended up escaping in the house) but I’m happy to say I’ve had a fair few success stories since then. I am now:

  • An accredited and certified dog and cat behaviour consultant
  • The only approved Greenhound Assessor for Greyhounds in lower northern NSW.
  • A behavioural assessor for dogs who may be deemed a menacing or dangerous dog. 
  • Help owners to train their assistance dogs to prepare and pass the Public Access Test.
  • The winner of the 2013 APDT and Black Dog Wear Scholarship. 

My interest in anxiety conditions in dogs also led me to pursue a qualification in the fascinating area of canine massage. I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical at first too, but it’s amazing how much  massage benefits dogs, helping them to be more relaxed and less likely to incur injury.

As well as my 17 years of experience, I also have the following qualifications:


  • Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology 
  • Diploma of Feline Behaviour Science and Technology
  • Cert IV in Dog Behavioural Training (Delta Society)
  • Living and Learning with Animals Certificate (Behaviour Works)
  • Approved Greenhound Assessor for Greyhounds 
  • Certificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapy (Dog Massage)
  • Statement of Attainment - Identify and respond to animal behaviour (TAFE)
  • Bachelor of Business 
  • Associate Diploma in Management
  • Diploma in Management
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment 
  • Senior First Aid Certificate

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops

  • Chicken Training Camp, Poultry in Motion, 2017, Terry Ryan
  • Operant Conditioning - 3 day Seminar/Workshop, 2017, Dr Bob Baliey
  • Introduction to Treibball Workshop, 2016, Newcastle (K9 Nosetime)
  • K9 Nose Work Workshop, 2016, Newcastle (K9 Nosetime)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2015, Gold Coast (Dr Cam Day, Veronica Boutelle, Nando Brown, Chirag Patel, Malena DeMartini Price, Robyn Hood)
  • Working with Fearful dogs, Separation Anxiety, Dissecting the dynamics of dog-to-dog play, 2015, Brisbane (Nicole Wilde)
  • Unravelling the puzzles of behaviour, training and performance, 2015, Newcastle (Suzanne Clothier)
  • Understanding and helping the adolescent dog, 2015, Newcastle (Suzanne Clothier)
  • Behaviour Roadshow, Sydney, 2015 (AVBIG)
  • Introduction to K9 Nose Work 3 Day Seminar, 2015, Sydney (Jill Marie O'Brien)
  • Relationship Centred Training, 2014, Newcastle (Suzanne Clothier)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2014, Sydney (Veronica Boutelle, Pia Silvani, Debra Millikan & Debbie Calnon) 
  • Chaos to Calm Seminar, 2014, Newcastle
  • Working Dog Conference 2013, Sydney (University of Sydney)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2013, Melbourne(Dianne Garrod, Emily Larlham, Peta Clarke, Marion Brand, Jaime Jackson, Robyn Hood)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2012, Sydney (Grisha Stewart, Dr Sophia Yin, Pat Miller)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2011, Sydney (Kay Laurence, Dr Kersti Seksel, Dr Gabrielle Carter, Nic Bishop) 
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2010, Sydney (Ken Ramirez, Steve White and Peta Clarke)  
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2009, Sydney (Sarah Kalnjas, Dr Pam Reid & Dr Paul McGreevy) 
  • The Brave New World of Dog Training: Science with a brain and a heart, 2009, Sydney (Dr Roger Abrantes)
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2006, Sydney (Pat Miller, Dr Paul McGreevy, Dr Debbie Calnon, Karin Bridge & Peta Clarke)
  • Coaching People to Train their Dogs, 2005, Sydney (Terry Ryan, Canine Legacy)
  • Science Based Dog Training with Feeling, 2004, Sydney (Ian Dunbar, SIRUS Training) 
  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2003, Sydney (Patricia McConnell)


  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia (APDT)
  • Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA)
  • Delta Institute of Australia 



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